Personalised medals – a unique design and traditional manufacturing process

Personalised medals – a fine and precious gift


FIA Medals creates and manufactures personalised medals for specific events held to commemorate an anniversary, an inauguration, a new identity  in your organization… With almost 100 years of experience in the art of medal making, FIA Medals offers to help small and large organizations all over the world in creating their own personalised artistic medals.

Among the different materials and processes that FIA Medals proposes, our core specialty is the creation and manufacturing of bronze stamped personalised medals. Finishing of stamped bronze material can be gold, silver or bronze but we also welcome alternative options. We propose to adapt your creative ideas into an artwork that can be stamped onto the medal of your choice; our expert team is at hand for guiding our customers in choosing the appropriate size, shape and surface treatment for the targeted metal finishing.

Our traditional skills in engraving and stamping processes have developed to include 3D relief for landscape, portrait, buildings, logo… there are a lot of different options for a personalised medal artwork. We invite you to check the rest of our website for illustrations of our work in custom-made medals, coins and insignias.

If you need any further information about ordering a personalised medal, please feel free to contact us.