Insignias, Coins & Customized Gifts

Insignias, Coins & Customized Gifts

The first stamping dies that we have created in 1928 were designed for custom-made insignias.

Insignias, coins, key chains and other gifts are usually smaller than stamped or bronze casting medals. They range between a few millimetres and 50mm (2″) for the largest ones.

Depending on their shape, their complexity, the expected quantity and the budget, we will offer you the most suitable material and process for their creation.


Shape of the Wooden Base

Stamped Brass

Stamped brass is often used for simple shapes, a sharp 3D relief or long lasting plating.
Shape of the Wooden Base

Gold and Sterling Silver

If a client wants a mix of gold, sterling silver and bronze stamped pieces, the combination can be achieved by using the same stamping die and process with the three different materials.
Shape of the Wooden Base

Zinc Alloy

Injected zinc alloy is used for complex shapes with cut outs and for a lower unit price when the quantity ordered is large.
Shape of the Wooden Base

Photo-etched Brass

Photo-etched brass is convenient for thin badges with no relief but showing many colours.

The minimum order for a custom-made creation is:

    • 50 pieces to create an insignia, a pin or a coin.
    • 100 pieces in total to create a key chain, a 35mm medal for a customized gift or a bookmark.

For lower quantities, the fixed costs of creating and manufacturing the items are too high to justify an acceptable price.