Custom die-struck medals- traditional craftsmanship

Custom die-struck medals – an honorable medal


FIA Medals is a French-based medal maker, established in the southeast of France for nearly a hundred years and specialized in the traditional art of creating and manufacturing gold, sterling silver and bronze medals, trophies, insignias and coins for events and commemorations worldwide. The experts in metal engraving produce custom die-struck medals and bronze casting medals for all sorts of events: an honorific gift, a reward for a sports competition, a medal for outstanding achievements, a commemorative item… FIA Medals has the excellent artistic and industrial skills to create a unique, custom die-struck medal of the finest quality.

FIA Medals starts with your creative ideas, your budget and your delay requirements, to create and manufacture medals that fit your event, with or without colour and with simple or 3D relief. With your wishes and the advices of our expert designers’ team, we propose a custom-made artwork which is then engrave into the stamping die. After this critical step, we stamp and finish each piece by hand, polishing them to perfection and varnishing them to preserve the shine… then finally packaging them into elegant presentation boxes and display supports that you will choose among many options.

If you would like any further information about ordering a custom die-struck medal, please contact us.