Bronze medals

Bronze medals: custom-made medals by FIA Medals


Custom-made bronze medals made by FIA Medals are produced using excellent traditional and industrial skills.Mostly hand-made, bronze medals by the French-based company are appreciated for their fine quality and have helped the nearly 100 years old company to earn its reputation for excellence.

Create a bronze medal which will convey your message or your identity, with different options in terms of size and shape, simple engraved relief or 3D relief. The artwork is elaborated on the basis of your idea, subject or event…our expert engraver then proceeds to create the stamping die for your medal in steel. The quality of the finishing is achieved by meticulous polishing procedures before the final protective varnish is applied. We invite you to view examples of our bronze medals and trophies and discover more about how to create a unique medal for your event.

If you would like any further information about our bronze medals, please feel free to contact us.